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Christie Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Melbourne Patients Say

At Christie Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • I love the way the team works together so seamlessly. Feeling better already!

    - Jonna W.
  • It’s been a really long time that I’ve had hope that my back pain and headaches could be treated, but after today’s visit, and experiencing immediate relief in my neck, I’m excited for the next visit and am very hopeful! And it’s not just a temporary fix, it’s getting to the root of the problems that I feel confident with them being able to find!

    - Lindsey P.
  • My initial new patient visit was very positive. The facility was very clean and the staff very personable
    Dr. Christie is a very knowledgeable physician and very caring in helping to heal issues that I have. I will be a patient of Dr. Christie going forward.

    - Lori G.
  • Very friendly and competent staff. The doctors really seem to genuinely care and are quite knowledgeable.

    - Melissa M.
  • On the first visit Dr. Christie took time to review my complaints and to examine me. Dr Molly did the adjustment which was very satisfactory. To my surprise, Dr. Christie called the next day to check and see how I was doing. It’s very comforting to know a doctor cares enough to do that. On the next visit she took her time to explain in detail what the x-rays showed and what treatment she suggested. Both she and Dr. Molly are always friendly and listen. I am totally happy with the doctors, the treatment and the office team.

    - Rose B.
  • So happy I found someone who understands my body and the abuse I’ve given it through dancing and being a fitness instructor for many years!!

    - Michelle D.
  • Look forward to seeing you all again soon! Thanks for your time and help.

    - Ed
  • You were great! Thank you for being patient, kind, and soft with my daughter. She keeps telling me how much she feels better after just one visit!

    - Emmy R.
  • You your staff were very friendly, kind, and considerate of my conditions and me feel comfortable being in your care. So looking forward to my health and well being.

    - Roy D.
  • Thank you very much. I’m glad I found you.

    - Sean B.
  • Best Chiropractor ever!! Dr. Christie has helped my son with his chronic ear issues!

    - Holly M.
  • I appreciate the time and attention Dr Christie took with our family. I also appreciate her desire to educate.

    - Lauren J.
  • Pleasant office environment and very pleasant, professional front office staff.

    - Brian C.
  • My first visit was as I would want it to be. I felt welcomed and comfortable in knowing that at my age things can be better but not totally fixed.

    - William S.
  • A very pleasant experience, with a great effort by Dr. Christie, to resolve my back pain/discomfort. I am nothing but happy and grateful, to have found this chiropractor!

    - John R.
  • Very happy with my first chiropractor experience. I noticed a difference after my first appointment. I look forward to my next appointment to continue the adjustments and learn more about how my muscles and spine impact my overall health.

    - Kate V.
  • I am so relieved to have found your practice! I was so impressed by how knowledgeable Dr. Christie and staff were with chiropractic care specifically for pregnancy, and how well everything was explained to me.

    - Priyanka V.
  • Thank you for making me feel better. I wish that I had found your practice sooner. It would have meant days without being in pain and eating pain pills like they were m&ms.

    - William K.
  • Thank you all for such a wonderful first visit! I look forward to working with you and your staff while training for my long distance running adventures!

    - Eric R.
  • Professional and patient even with my hearing issues! Thanks for explanations and great care!

    - David P.
  • The staff is very friendly and helpful. Great experience.

    - Leonard G.
  • Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    - Dean W.
  • Looking forward for future appointments and feeling hopeful for a positive change.

    - Joanne P.
  • Was very impressed with both doctors and the entire staff and facility. Already recommended to my niece!

    - Kathleen B.
  • You can tell the doctors care about the patients. They will do everything they can to heal naturally to avoid surgery. Answer all of my questions and took time to explain anything I didn’t understand. Other chiropractors could learn from this place in my opinion.

    - Richard E.
  • Office staff was great. Helpful and very attentive. Great Job.

    - Jeanne D.
  • Dr. Christie is very knowledgeable, professional, personable and caring.

    - Pamela W.
  • Very professional, a complete exam and adjustment. Thank you!

    - Anonymous
  • Best doctor’s appointment of all time! Both Dr. Christie and Molly were super helpful and welcoming. My first appointment was thorough and flawless from intake all the way to the adjustment. Thank you both for all you do.

    - Suzette C.
  • I’m very excited to be under the care of Dr. Christie. I think amazing things will happen!

    - Diane B.
  • Dr. Christie has a great personality and makes you feel very confident. I think this will be the help I need for my foot.

    - Mary M.
  • Thank you. My first experience was amazing. Very clean and comfortable environment. Looking forward to the next visit!

    - Tim H.
  • Dr. Christie is awesome. Her office is very clean and modern. Beautiful and functional. All very new/latest chiropractic equipment. I highly recommend Dr. Christie.

    - Robert O.
  • My father was a chiropractor for many years and have I been really been missing his adjustments. He had had a massive stroke over 26 years ago and has been handicap ever since. Thank you Dr. Christie for making me feel like I’m back at home with him! The best adjustment I’ve had in 26 years!

    - Karen M.
  • From the time I walked in I knew I would love this practice! Everything from the staff, to the vibe, to the treatment and recommendations that I received exceeded my expectations! Can’t wait to come back!

    - Alexandra C.
  • Dr Christie is a beautiful, caring person who focused on my health and well-being from the first time I met her. Taking time to question and the listen to my health concerns. The office is a calming place when you walk thru the front doors, attentive staff and satisfied customers as well. This is truly a doctor that cares about patients wellness in body and mind. I can’t wait for my next visit.

    - Betty K.
  • Facility was beautiful!

    - Janet B.
  • Excellent communication and listening. Approachable and affordable!

    - Will T.
  • Great experience. The office is very welcoming. The appointment wasn’t rushed at all. Looking forward to my next appointment.

    - Leigh H.
  • Great Staff, very comfortable atmosphere. Feel great after a visit. Our whole family will go here! Great job!

    - Johnathan M.
  • Every visit is exceptionally friendly, efficient, and feels great!

    - Priscilla F.
  • Looking forward to feeling better.

    - Rafael B.
  • The office staff was professional and very welcoming. The doctor gave wonderful explanations of what to expect during the appointment and seemed to truly care about my well-being before, during, and after my visit.

    - Lily D.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Dr Christie. Very knowledgeable and so helpful and really cares about my well being. 5 star

    - Nancy O.
  • Dr. Christie and office were amazing! The office was clean and it was a great experience for myself and my son.

    - Monique T.
  • I was seen on an emergency basis by Dr. Christie. She helped my pain tremendously in just that first visit and explained to me through my x rays what was happening inside from my injury. She did many manual adjustments and advised what I could do for home care. I cannot wait for my next adjustment with her to help my injury and alignment even more.

    - Jaclyn B.
  • Best chiropractic manipulation that I’ve had in a very long time!!!

    - Bobby D.
  • This was my first time visiting a chiropractor. I wasn’t sure if chiropractic care would help my back discomfort. Before going to bed the night of my first treatment, I realized I had gone all day and evening without taking Tylenol or Aleve. I’m very happy I sought care at Christie Chiropractic .

    - Kim H.

Very Talented Chiropractor

A warm and caring environment. Front desk ladies were very responsive. Dr. Christie, she does have a talent to handle the body and turn it around. I am coming back!!

-Rudy C.

Attentive, Kind & Caring Prenatal Chiropractic

I was looking for a chiropractor to help me through the end of my pregnancy and with baby positioning. I found Christie Chiropractic and I couldn’t be happier!! I had an absolutely amazing experience. I was treated so well, never felt rushed, everything was well explained to me in advance and as the different steps were happening throughout the adjustments. Dr. Christie was so attentive, kind, and caring. I’ve never had a medical professional take so much time and put forth so much effort; I didn’t feel like I was just another client. She even called me the next day to check in on me and see how I was feeling. The front office ladies were wonderful as well. I have told so many people already about my experience and will continue to do so! I cannot recommend this practice enough!!!!

-Stephony R.

Compassionate & Kind

Summer and Hailey are very kind. The office is beautiful. Dr. Christie is extremely compassionate.

-Kerrin N.

Absolutely Top-Notch

I just want to thank everyone there from the office staff to the doctor herself. The Experience I had was wonderful and the care was absolutely top-notch. I went out feeling better than when I came in and I’m looking forward to the next visit!

-Gina V.

Immediate Relief

Very clean bright well designed office. First visit was very efficient understood my issue and treatment provided immediate relief and a plan . Overall excellent experience and will return monthly for maintenance program and pleased to refer Christie Chiro to family and friends.

-George P.

Flexible & Patient

I was blown away at how flexible and patient the staff was with my 19 month old. She’s pretty active and hands on exploring everything. Everyone was very kind and understanding that I didn’t have my stroller and worked to provide us a safe, fun (for her) environment so I could receive treatment. Thank you for a great first visit!

-Lindsey F.

I Feel Great

I had such a pleasant experience for my first appt. I was a little nervous but I was walked through everything and felt more calm. I suffer with being stiff and sore because I have MS. I can not get over how good I am feeling today. I also had my hips adjusted for the first time and I feel GREAT today. I’m excited to go back. I want to keep it up!

-Lauren B.

I Appreciate the Openness of the Office

I appreciate the openness of the office; friendly and professional, offering an environment of ease, trust, privacy, and comfort. It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Christi and her staff this morning and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

-Denise M.

Truly Cares

I am very impressed with Dr. Christie and her staff. The entire experience from booking an appointment to the care I received was outstanding. It is easy to see that Dr. Christie takes pride in her business and truly cares about her patients.

-Mary W.

The Best First Visit I Have Ever Had

First visit to a new chiropractor while in pain can cause anxiety and doubtfulness about getting healed up & back to normal. Not here. At my first visit with Dr. Christie I experienced a thorough evaluation, X-rays, a detailed explanation of what was going on, and a hands-on spinal adjustment in all the right areas. After the visit, I immediately felt a bit of relief that I haven’t felt in days. As someone who has been to a number of different chiropractors, this was one of the best first visits I have ever had especially while in a great deal of pain. Thank you, Dr Christie!

-Steve C.

Highly Recommended

Dr. Christie has gone above and beyond all of my expectations, and I truly couldn’t be happier with the care I’m receiving. For the first time in a long time, I feel great about my treatment, the informative information I’m given, and the positive path I’m heading towards. Very grateful to have found her practice!

-Nicole K.

I Was In Pain With Back And Sciatic Pain

Dr Christie is very professional. She explained her professional experience. Answers all my questions. She has the latest equipment. I was in pain with back and sciatic pain. The day after my treatment most of my discomfort was gone. She was very thorough. I have referred several of my friends to her.

-Dorothy B.

Very Knowledgeable, Professional, and Helpful

Excellent experience. Very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I made an appointment at the advice of a friend, after trying to get help from an orthopedic physician and my primary care physician. Already, I can tell a difference and my husband noticed right away that my walking gait had improved. She also treated pain I was experiencing in my hand, thumb, arm and shoulder, as well as my neck and upper back. There has been no pain since the treatment in my hand, thumb and arm. I am very pleased and would highly recommend the practice.

-Terry M.

Very Professional, Caring and Calming Environment

I am very impressed with my first visit. Beautiful office, impressive state of the art equipment, and the doctor is a wonderful listener and experienced practitioner. I love that each step of the way Dr Christie shares information about what she is doing and why. Very professional, caring and calming environment.

-Susan R.

I Feel Refreshed and Renewed

Dr Christie is amazing. She did a thorough exam and health history to identify what the best plan of attack would be for my back issues. Every time I leave her office, I feel refreshed and renewed. I highly recommend making an appointment with her. She’s not the crack and stack chiropractor that you’d normally see. Hope this review helps.

-Luke S.

Greatly Improved

I am very happy with the care given to me by Dr. Christie. Her knowledge, assessment and treatment of my needs keep me returning. The office at the Christie Chiropractic is very clean and relaxing. My condition has greatly improved and I highly recommend her for chiropractic care.

-Stacey M.

Just Amazing!

Dr Christie is just amazing! I’m so glad we found her. She listens and customizes treatment to your needs. She’s not just a crack your back and move on practitioner. She’s also a certified chiropractic sports physician! So if you have a sports related injury she’s THE one for you!!

-Rowen K.

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